You can make a forever difference for families and end childhood brain tumors.  image

You can make a forever difference for families and end childhood brain tumors.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Why is the Children's Brain Tumor Foundation important?

Supporting families through the brain tumor journey since 1988

There are 4600 children diagnosed with a brain tumor each year. One-third of these children will not survive for five years. Children's Brain Tumor Foundation (CBTF) was founded 33 years ago to find a cure for this dreadful disease. Today, we are the nation's leader in programs for the entire family. Our goal is to make sure no family goes through the brain tumor journey alone and has the tools they need during and long after treatment.

We honor families with the only Virtual Memorial Garden for brain tumor children and provide online and face to face supports for the bereaved families. We are always there for the whole family, as each family member will feel the impact forever. CBTF offers the only Father/Survivor retreat in the nation. Dads need the support of other dads and frequently never meet another father. We offer sibling mentor and siblings programs.

Because the impact of a brain tumor lasts forever, we have an abundance of programs for survivors, including adventure retreats, career programs, online support, and a guide for college. We have face to face family groups to allow them to share and gain information, which will enable them to better advocate for themselves and their children. We offer a multitude of monthly online groups.

Because we know no one truly knows the journey unless they have traveled it, we started the nation's first Parent Mentor Program. The program has expanded to include bereaved parents, teen and young adult survivors and siblings. We have thousands of mentors to provide national support.

CBTF is the founding member of the Children's Brain Tumor Network, which is a collaborative, multi-institutional research program dedicated to the study and treatment of childhood brain tumors. Eighteen primary member institutions contribute to open data for institutions worldwide in the search for a cure for childhood brain tumors and improving treatment.

Help us continue to build a community through vital informational and support family programs while we collaborate to find a cure and improve treatment.

Please let us know if you know a family impacted by a childhood brain tumor and call or email if you would like additional information.